Tradeshow Balloons Lafayette, IN

Lafayette, IN Tradeshow Balloons

We manufacture custom trade show balloons in USA. Call 1-800-701-1445 for tradeshow balloons in Lafayette, IN. Giant custom helium balloons are our specialty.

tradeshow balloons made in USA. custom green color trad show balloon with logo
Custom helium balloons for trade shows and events.

Email: for more information on tradeshow balloons in Lafayette, IN.

Call 1-800-791-1445 for Lafayette, IN trade show balloons.

custom tire shape helium tradeshow balloons
Tire Shape Custom Helium Balloon. USA manufacturer of custom trade show balloons.
seed bag shape sealed-air tradeshow balloons
Seed bag shape custom sealed-air tradeshow balloon

We manufacture custom helium balloons and sealed-air balloons for sale in Lafayette, IN.

custom heart shape tradeshow balloon.
Heart shape custom helium trade show balloon.
custom Chevrolet logo helium balloon
Custom balloons made in USA.
custom stop sign shape helium balloon
Stop Sign Custom Helium Balloon
coffee cup helium trade show balloons
coffee cup trade show balloons
rectangle custom helium balloon for trade shows
Rectangle shape helium custom balloon. USA manufacturer
fish shape custom helium balloon
Fish shape custom helium balloon

Call 1-800-791-1445 for trade show balloons in Lafayette, IN.

We are one of the few, very few, manufacturers of custom helium balloons in the USA. We use the best material available for helium balloons and sealed-air inflatables. Polyurethane is a material developed for NASA and it is outstanding as a material for balloons and helium inflatables. Polyurethane retains helium much better than PVC, the old technology material used for balloons. Polyurethane is also much lighter and stronger than PVC. Polyurethane costs 6 – 8 times more per pound than PVC but it is the far superior material for use in making advertising balloons, promotional blimps and custom helium inflatables. We choose to use the more expensive, and superior, polyurethane instead of the cheaper PVC. If you need a tradeshow balloon or custom inflatable in Lafayette, IN please contact us.

Call 1-800-791-1445 for trade show balloons in Lafayette, IN.

Inflatable product replicas and custom shape inflatables are our specialty.

Tradeshow Balloons for Dummies

Purchasing a booth includes not just the initial investment but in addition cost of maintenance, storage outlays, insurance expenses, refurbishing expenses, transportation expenses and finally disposal expenses. Don’t forget, there are lots of booths to see, and you’ve got a tiny window to catch their attention. With all these displays in one area, it can be hard to attract visitors to your trade show booths.

Call 1-800-791-1445 for tradeshow balloons in Lafayette, IN.

light bulb shape custom helium balloons
Light bulb custom helium balloons

Email: for trade show balloons in Lafayette, IN.